The Area of Interest Persistence Database is a coarse database of track points for area of interests that the WHFC monitors. The intent of this database is to designate areas of interest and help distinguish areas of interest from other areas of interest. Data is only added once per day at 18:00 UTC.

How to readEdit

The following is a sample listing.

SEP. 23, 14.5N, 075.4W, 020, 050
SEP. 24, 15.0N, 079.0W, 040, 080
SEP. 25, 15.4N, 081.5W, 080, 100
SEP. 26, DESIGNATED 2015-03L*
  • *AOI001L15: This is the first AOI (AOI001) within the Atlantic (L) in 2015 (15).
  • SEP. 23: The information that follows on this line was recorded at 18Z on September 23
  • 14.5N, 075.4W: Estimated center of the AOI
  • 020, 050: 20% formation chance through 48hr and 50% through 120hr.
  • DESGINATED 2015-03L*: The AOI has been upgraded to a tropical cyclone with the alphanumeric designation 03L.


JUN. 25, 02.5N, 162.0W, 000, 010
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