Hurricane Hector Special Discussion Number 9A

Wiki-Hurricanes Forecast Center

4:00 PM PDT Thu Aug 2 2018

This is a special discussion to upgrade Hector to a major hurricane. Conventional satellite imagery shows that the eye of the storm has become distinct aside from temporary disruptions resultant from convective bursts in the eyewall. Core convection has cooled, with a solid ring of -70C in the eyewall. Raw satellite estimates from UW-CIMSS ADT have been hovering around T5.5/102kt, while instantaneous manual Dvorak yields values between T5.5 and T6.0/115kt. The initial intensity is thus set at a possible conservative 100kt, making Hector a Category 3 hurricane.

A full discussion and updated intensity forecast will be released at 800 PM PDT (0300 UTC).

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